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Higginson Piano Service
     We are a father and son team.  We started when we both began studying the profession with the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology course after Timothy's retirement from school teaching.  Improvement of skills continues to be ongoing with workshop attendance at National PTG (Piano Technician Guild) conventions and active participation in the local PTG chapter.

     We strive for accurate tuning and service of pianos to the best standards available.  Tuning the treble and base with the proper stretch contributes to pleasing octaves and chords.

     We do FREE evaluations.  If you would like to know how far off pitch your piano is, call us, and we will evaluate your piano for free at no charge.  After that, you can decide whether you would like your piano tuned or not.

      (NOTE:  the further off pitch a piano is, the shorter amount of time it will stay in tune when it gets tuned.... after a piano gets tuned, strings go back to the tension that they're used to.  If that's the case, your piano will stay in tune for a longer period of time only if it gets tuned up to pitch more often to allow the strings to get used to the tension of being on pitch.)

      If you're wondering how far off pitch your piano is, please call us for a FREE evaluation!

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