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We do FREE evaluations.  If you would like to know how far off pitch your piano is, call us, and we will evaluate your piano for free at no charge.  After that, you can decide whether you would like your piano tuned or not.
      (NOTE:  the further off pitch a piano is, the shorter amount of time it will stay in tune when it gets tuned.... after a piano gets tuned, strings go back to the tension that they're used to.  If that's the case, your piano will stay in tune for a longer period of time only if it gets tuned up to pitch more often to allow the strings to get used to the tension of being on pitch.)
      If you're wondering how far off pitch your piano is, please call us for a FREE evaluaion!

fine tuning............. $79
It is recommended that pianos be tuned once a year for the pitch of the piano to be the most stable.  Some pianos can go 2 years between tunings.  Same as the first tuning, it takes about 1.5 hours to tune.
pitch raise.................... $35
There are 100 cents between every half step.  When raising the pitch several cents, it drops the pitch of the surrounding notes, thus making it impossible for the fine tuning to be totally accurate.  If your piano is generally no more than 25 cents flat, we can get by with just the fine tuning by raising the pitch of each note a little above pitch for the end result to be on pitch.  However, if your piano is generally more than 25 cents flat, it may need a pitch raise for the fine tuning to be more accurate.  We do not charge for a needed pitch raise on subsequent tunings of pianos that are tuned yearly.

More pricing information....  all residential pianos for residents of Utah County or surrounding areas are $79, plus an additional charge for a pitch raise only if needed.  After the 1st tuning, if pianos are tuned less often than once a year, the tuning cost will consist of the regular tuning price of $79 plus the price of the pitch raise if needed again.  If pianos are tuned yearly, the tuning cost will be $79 with no charge for any needed pitch raise.
     If pianos are tuned at least twice each year, the charge for tuning is $70 per piano.  Also, if you have more than one piano that all get tuned at least once a year, we have a 2-piano discount that's also $70 per piano.

Any of our pricing discounts consist of the same quality tuning as any of our tunings.  We always strive for the best tuning possible!

complete cleaning........ $30
includes the cleaning of the entire piano
partial cleaning............. $20
includes everything besides thoroughly wiping off the tops, sides, fronts, and backs of all the keys

We are discounting $10 for EVERYONE in Utah and Idaho for each referral.  Whether in Utah county, southeast Idaho, or surrounding areas, we do not charge extra for travel.  Once we have tuned the piano of the person we were referred to, the person who referred will receive $10 off for each referral.  Note: 8 paid referrals will result in a free piano tuning!

Cleaning a Piano

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